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Session 32

Day 132 (2nd cycle of summer, 17th day)
The Sons move into Nevron's new tower, and immediately start getting it covered in lead, to prevent scrying and such.

While the others chill and train, Nevron starts to do some research.

Day 145 (2nd cycle of summer, 30th day)
Nevron finishes his research about the scrying necklace. He figures out a ritual to cast, when someone else is using it to look in on them, then he should be able to watch right back. In order to make the ritual, he needs some gem dust, pixie wings and the bone of a dead diviner (all in all 50 gp worth)

Day 156 (3rd cycle of summer, 5th day)
The Sons return from Ashfield, where they picked up the crystal coffin with the celestial and the golems.

Day 167 (3rd cycle of summer, 16th day)
Nevron finished his research on the demon bowl. It's fairly simple. Spill a good amount of fresh human blood into the bowl, say true name of demon you want to contact and presto, instant communication.

Day 174 (3rd cycle of summer, 23rd day)
Nevron finishes his research on Tarradar, discovering that is was sacked during the first demon war, and that Ironville was built on top of it afterwards, re-using some parts of the sewer system and that Sophie's palace is built on top of the old palace.

Day 175 (3rd cycle of summer, 24th day)
As the Sons prepare to turn in for the inn, screams alert them that something is up outside. As they exit, they see a huge rock with a city of black slender spires hovering half a mile about Ironville. From the floating island, hundreds of small black flying boats descend on Ironville.

It is the shadar-kai, living inhabitants of the Underworld.

The Sons fight their way through the streets and up to the palace, which is under assault. They arrive just in time to fight off 5 shadar-kai who are trying to kill Sophie, saving the day once again.

Hagron, who had been knocked unconscious, says that it seems there is a field of energy around the island, somehow keeping it in Gemnos, instead of in the Underworld.

Sophie suggests that the Sons get up there and destroy the device allowing the island to be there. And if they kill the leader of the shadar-kai, she wouldn't mind either.

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