onsdag den 5. marts 2014

Temple Law

Temple Law (also called Divine Law) is a universal law stating that temples, or churches if you will, are sovereign ground, and can afford sanctuary to fugitives from the law, if the highest ranking priest of the church wishes so.

In other words. If you are a criminal and being pursued by the authorities, once you are on temple grounds, you can not be forced to leave by anyone but the highest ranking priest. Guards, soldiers or others will not breach the sanctity and drag you out from the church grounds.

And the law, because it is perceived as divine, extends to more than the authorities. Typically no members of civilized races and nations will break Temple Law, simply because everyone knows that the gods are real, and only a fool will piss off a god or a goddess.

The law also states that drawing blood (as in using violence, whether it be with sword, hammer or magic) inside a consecrated church is really a bad idea. You might not get stricken by a thunderbolt from Heaven, but it is universally believed that, you will suffer from the decision. Depending on which church it is, the retaliation can come in a wide variety of forms, but usually it relates to the one of the spheres of influence of the god in question.

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