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Session 16

Day 74
After beating the water elemental-trap, the Sons of the Phoenix pressed on, and encountered five rock-throwing gargoyles, attacking from the safety of a ledge high above the corridor. The gargoyles' plan was however spoiled after Urnyx' rapidly climbed up, killed one and when they others had taken off, jumped on another one in midair, dragged it down to earth at high velocity.

After killing the gargoyles, Urnyx found a rather non-descriptif copper dagger and Chavron found 5 clay bowls. The Sons quickly figured out that they could use those for the ritual they had found on the corpse at the bolt-trap.

At the end of the hall, there was a big door with a fire symbol. In order to pass through the door, they had to answer 3 questions about dwarves. Through teamwork, good knowledge and sheer dumb luck, they managed to answer the questions without being hurt too badly.

Inside they found the royal tomb, and quickly set up the weakening symbol, although they did have some concerns. What if it was a trap, and instead of weakening the "fire demon", instead they summoned it.

The "Fire Demon" turned out to be an Efreeti.
Well met, mortals. You can call me Zu'raxl. I am bound by magic to defend the coffin and it's content, so unless you can free me from the spell, I am afraid you will be my dinner.

I see you have set up a ward, to weaken me. (smiles) Too bad I ommitted a few things when I planted the info on the corpse. Call it my guilty pleasure. Giving hope where there is none.

Let's get on with it? I am so hungry
A long battle followed, with the Sons finally killing the beast of basalt and bronze. Unfortunately, it had no intentions of staying dead...
It's funny with you mortals. You really do  not get the concept of immortality.
Chavron figured it was linked to something in the room, and quickly him and Nevron started to destroy all vases, paintings and other regalia in the room. When the Efreeti finally died (again) he stayed dead.

The Sons collected some loot (a magical gem, some magical boots and the earth key) and left the room to rest.

Day 75
After a good night's sleep, the Sons made their way out through the dungeon, beating the water-trap and the bolt-trap once again. Once out, they decided to take a closer look at their newfound items, the magical gem (no idea), the backpack (can hold more than it appears to be able to) and the boots (made by elves and enables you to walk very very silently). Most of the day went with that. There was also 3 potions, but everyone forgot about those...

Day 76
Arath wakes up, he has had a dream, a vision. He saw a mine, he saw cultists, he saw sacrifices. He knows it is happening now and nearby. He quickly wakes the rest and Urnyx, based on the description of the place, makes an educated guess as to in which direction the Sons can find the place.

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