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Session 15

Day 68
After a few days of waiting in Ironville and seeking out some info about the Earth Key, the newly named Sons of the Phoenix travel to Ashfield in order to see how things stand there.

Day 70
As they arrive at Ashfield, they see the Starkhold army in the middle of packing up and disassembling the siege engines. As they enter town, it becomes clear, that the war has been stopped and their efforts to do so has been recognized, both by José Stark, Sophie Ran and the Council of Ashfield.

Day 71
Ashfield celebrates the end of the war, and the efforts of the Sons of the Phoenix.

Day 72
The Sons head for the Bluestone Hills, as they have found info that the dwarven king Khorad was the last to have the Earth Key, and he was buried in a crypt in the Bluestone Hills.

Day 74
After repelling an ambush by a troll and an ettin, they encounter about 20 wayfarers from a village called Harp, located north of the hills, near the Swamp of Death (dun-dun-duuun). They tell that they are on the run, because 2 weeks ago, about half of the village fell prey to a disease. Not long after, almost everyone was dead, with plague-like symptoms. Then, after the dead had been buried, they rose from their graves, about 3 days later.

Later during the day, Urnyx led the Sons to the crypt, and they entered it.

Throughout the day, they fought elementals and minotaurs and found some info on how to weaken a "fire demon". They also ran into some nasty traps, especially one that consisted of a flood room and a water elemental. Luckily, the Sons were smart and payed attention, so they could deal with the trap with a minimal of effort.

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