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Ironville Crossing

26.000 inhabitants (halfling 10%, elf 5%, dwarf 3%, gnome 3%, half-elf 2%, half-orc 3%, dragonborn 1% and tieflings 1%)

Warlord Sophie Ran

Coat of Arms
Boar on green cloth

Known Power Players
House of Nobles

Ironville is located on the Iron Isle, an island in the middle of the Yokar river, in the central part of the Seven Army Nation.

First impressions
Being located on island in a river makes Ironville a bit different from other cities of the same size. Only 600 meters from the northern to the southern wall, the city is more than 3 kilometers from its westernmost to its easternmost point.

The city is dotted with many large manors, belonging to the noble families of Ironville Crossing. All entrances and exits in town go through ancient stone towers made by dwarves.

Six gargantuan bridges span the river, connecting the Iron Isle to the mainland, both to the north and the south.

Back before anything was ever built on Iron Isle, the place acted as meeting place for local villages. Leaders met here, with a mutual agreement that it was a place of peace. Eventually a city was built here, but it was, as most other cities, destroyed during the Second Demon War.

When people returned, after the Second Demon War, many of the first settlers claimed nobility, and before long, the growing city had more than 200 noble families. Power struggles filled the day-to-day agenda for almost 20 years, until Ragan Thork emerged and took the mantle as Warlord. Since then, the warlord of Ironville Crossing has always had to deal with the many noble families running the city.

Back in the day, when the city had not yet had it's city walls rebuilt, the then settlement was threatened by the now extinct Bloodtusk Orcs from Oakwood. The settlement was saved by the ranger Trenigar, who not only fought like a demon asking the green-skinned menace, but single-handedly slew their war-chief and then infiltrated their lair and killed their elders and shamans, putting an end to any plans of expansion they may have had. A 30' foot tall marble statue of Trenigar stands at the Main gate.

Bane used to have a strong presence in the city, but following the Bane-Bahamut Holy War in 5779,  riots occurred and the temple, which had survived the Second Demon War was torn down, after the clergy fled the city. The Temple ground is now considered cursed and still stands in ruins, in the middle of the city, 80 years later.

Since the Holy War, the three main churches in Ironville have been Torm, Lathander and Bahamut.

Even though the number of noble families has been set at 100, the remaining still wield considerable power and influence. Or so they used to. It seems that Sophie Ran only feints listening to the House of Nobles and usually with her mind already made up. This does not make the nobles happy, but with the army loyal to a fault, no one dares moving against her at the moment. 

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