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34.000 inhabitants (halfling 10%, dragonborn 10%, elf 5%, dwarf 3%, gnome 3%, half-elf 3%, half-orc 3% and tieflings 1%)


Coat of Arms
Black Dragon on blue parchment

Known Power Players
Marlin the Archmage, the [Council of Peers]

Lochhurst is located next to the Dragon Lake, in the central part of the Seven Army Nation.

First impressions
Lochhurst is a busy city. A lot of noise from carts. Many small canals and thus bridges. The city is surrounded by 60 ft spiked walls, held together by massive 90' iron towers, through which you need to pass through in order to enter the city. At entrance, guards check all wagons and goods. Like most other big cities, humans are in majority, but just so. There are however many extraordinarily many dragonborns in Lochhurst.

After the Second Demon War, five famous adventurers, the [Brotherhood of the Dragon], arrived here in 5701 and spent an obscene amount of gold building five luxurious estates in the ruins of an ancient city that had been almost completely destroyed during the war. As the small communities grew up around the five estates, they discovered that they were not alone. An ancient black dragon called Urtho'rak lived at the bottom of the Dragon Lake, and now that he had awoken after sleeping through the Second Demon War, he wanted his share of the Brotherhood's riches. In the end however, the Brotherhood won that war, and Urtho'rak was killed. Eventually, the communities grew together and formed a city, each community becoming a ward.
Square in the middle of Lochhurst, you will find a huge statue of Eletha. It is there to honor the work she did in stopping the holy war of 5779 between the Church of Bane and Bahamut.

The four dominant religions in Lochhurst are Torm, Mystra, Bahamut and Shar.

Regional trendsetter of art, culture and litterature (It has one of the largest libraries, run by the priests of Mystra, called the Art of Knowledge.

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