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The Arcane Academy

There is no way you can put 200 mages together on a small island and think that something bad won't come out of it. I mean, look at the devastation just one or two can cause. I tell you, it is suspicious that they haven't all killed each other yet. Something fishy is going on out there, across the water. I hear they steal babes and feed their blood to the wizards to empower them.
- Robert Watcher, cityguard in Lochhurst, 5673 
Located on a magical island called Cruul in the middle of Dragon Lake, the Arcane Academy is one of those places surrounded with more myths and stories than anything else, perhaps except Jack.

What we do know with certainty is the following:
Founded by Marlin the Archmage when he was young, the Arcane Academy serves both as a center of magic education and research. It fields the greatest library in the Seven Army Nations, but unless you are a member of the Academy or have an invitation from Marlin or a teacher, there is very little chance you will ever see the inside of the library.

As Marlin said in 5789, when the Academy opened, it was to be a place of learning, where magic-users of all kinds could stay and be safe from percecution, while they learn to practise their arts in a safe environment.

The Academy has room for about 200 students, and most of those will be between the ages of 10 and 25, but sometimes the power manifests at a later age, and thus a few students are much older. Aside from the 200 students, the Academy has about 20 teachers working and living there. Going to the Academy is expensive, or cheap, depending on who you are. Each new student must take a test before joining (in early spring), and the result of the test determines your fee for the next year.
Once you start, you will be required to take and pass a number of classes. The first year only has 3 different classes, while year 2 through 5 have 6 classes, year 6 has 4 classes and year 7 through 10 only has one or two, your area of specialty. Teachings of those classes typically start at 7 am and lasts until 6 pm. Every 7th day is off.

Year 1: Cantrips, History of Magic, Practical Magic
Year 2: Cantrips, History of Magic, Practical Magic, Monsters, Evocation, Abjuration
Year 3: Monsters, Evocation, Abjuration, History, Making potions, Transmutation
Year 4: History, Making potions, Transmutation, Enchantment, Necromancy, Arcane Knowledge
Year 5: Enchantment, Necromancy, Arcane Knowledge, Conjuration, Making Scrolls, Divination
Year 6: Conjuration, Making Scrolls, Divination, Illusion
Year 7-10: Area of specialty

If you wish to visit the Academy, you need to head to Lochhurst and go down to the harbor. There you will find a guy named Remus who has a boat and can sail you out to the island. Taking your own boat just won't do. Many have tried, but Cruul, as mentioned earlier, is a magical island, and so far, it seems that it is impossible to find, unless you sail with Remus. Many have tried and failed. Allegedly, following Remus' boat won't do the trick either, as it always seems to disappear from sight at the most inopportune moment.

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