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Session 12

Day 58

The next day, the Starkhold army, which is now encircling the town of Ashfield, launches it's first attacks. It manages to break a hole in the south-western wall, but our heroes quickly arrive and make the difference in a long and drawn-out battle, which ends when they push back or kill all those who have come through, and order the golems to plug the hole .

Day 59

Later, during the night, Arath and Nevron sneak out of town, in order to magical compel some info from the enemy and also have them destroy as many siege engines and catapults as possible. Unfortunately, they prove very resistant (or lucky) to the magical suggestions of Nevron, and while 4 catapults are destroyed, it is far too little to make a difference. They do however learn a couple of interesting pieces of info. The next night, a magical attack is coming, and after Ashfield, the army's plan is to head east towards Ironville Crossing. They also learn that the enemy knows of the golems and the wand that controls it.

Once back in Ashfield, after getting a fake wand made, to fool the Starkhold army, they go check on Elias, as he has been missing for a couple of days. They suspect he is somehow involved with the magical attack or the acquisition of the wand.

They find the Twins' Church locked and guarded, but Nevron convinces the guards to let them in.

Inside, they find Elias is sitting, naked in the light of 4 candles, with blood flowing from his eyes.
I have been chosen. The Twins have taken an interest in you and chosen me as the method of communication. Now I see.

He then starts to convulse and continues, with an odd voice:
 Four things will define your greatness.

The army in the shadows that wants to rule mankind.

The deadly trio that will cover the world in plague and ruin.

The forgotten one that wants to destroy the world.

And your death at the hands of an ally.

Elias then wakes up…
Someone get me a cigar..

Naturally, the heroes are quite surprised by this, but also skeptical. However when Elias offers to answer any questions they may have in a Zone of Truth, they relax somewhat.

They hurry back to get some sleep, before the supposed magical attack.

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