onsdag den 12. februar 2014

Session 13

Day 60

After going early to sleep, Chavron, Arath, Petyr and Nevron get up in the middle of the night to thwart the supposed magical attack that is coming. The golems are hidden in the Big Boobs Barn, while the four defenders lurk nearby and wait.

Around 4 am, a portal (Arcane Gate) opens up on the wall, and Starkhold soldiers flood the ramparts. Chavron, Arath, Petyr and Nevron strike back, while the golems block the enemies from getting down from the wall. As the ramparts fill up, and all seem under control, a wizard comes through the gate, closes it and opens another one, this time from the wall directly to the balcony of the palace. Soldiers from the wall storm through, quickly followed by most of the defenders, minus two golems and Nevron who are left behind.

The battle is moved to the palace, where Chavron, Arath, Petyr and Nevron manage to deal with the mage and the Starkhold soldiers before they kill Lord Delacroix and Jaren Sunwell, the elven council-member.

They are obviously very happy with Chavron, Arath, Petyr and Nevron. But Delacroix also admits to them that Ashfield probably won't hold. They need our heroes to head to Ironville and strike a deal with Sophie Ran. Delacroix would go himself, but doubt he would be able to make the trip alive. Our heroes seem to be Ashfield's only hope. However, an alliance is worth nothing if Ashfield is taken or sacked.

They have located and identified one or more of the immediate leaders of the Starkhold army. They reside in an old mill, reachable by Arcane Gate, which they have two scrolls off. So Chavron, Arath, Petyr and Nevron have Charming Charlie open the gate and our heroes sneak from the forest to the mill. Disguised as Starkhold soldiers, they bluff the guards and make them leave. They enter the mill and face the leader, his pyromancer and his bodyguard. After a long and close fight, they manage to kill the enemies. Unfortunately, when Nevron attempts to open a gate from mill's roof, the spell fails. Instead they have to sneak back.

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