lørdag den 1. februar 2014

Session 11

Day 57

The northern part of Ashfield is under attack, and Navron, Chevron and Arath have been asked by Lord Michael Delacroix to rescue his son, who is trapped up there. Not only is he  his son, but also privy to a lot of information about the town and it's army.

Imbued with Water Breathing by Charming Charlie, the three friends walk across the river floor and emerge in the northern part, which is in chaos. The Starkhold army is getting picked up by boats, while the town is burning. From the screams, lots of people seem to have been imprisoned in the burning buildings. Seems uncharacteristically brutal, considering José Stark's reputation.

Navron, Chevron and Arath pass through the town in disguise, finding Delacroix' town house, which is burning. Arath rescues the son who is inside, trapped beneath burning debris. He is grateful, but has a broken leg and thus movement is slow.

Somehow their cover is broken and they more or less have to fight their way from the house through a burning town to the harbor, which is now almost empty. They jump into a boat and row back to their own forces, wondering why the Starkhold army doesn't attack from the water, but instead seem determined to encircle the town to the south.

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