lørdag den 18. januar 2014

Session 10

Day 49

Nevron, Arath and Charon return to Ashfield and warn the Council, which seems to have adopted Elias as a temporary member, that the Starkhold army is coming.

Day 51

After debating for a couple of days on what to do, they decide to return to the temple in order to get the golems. Petyr offers to join them, and they happily accept.

Day 53

Finally arriving at the temple, they run into some gargoyles and a ghost. With the monsters dead, they search the temple and cleverly find the wand, hiding in plain sight. Inspecting the wand reveals more or less how to use it, and Arath summons the golems, who are down below, in the basement.

Day 56

3 days and one hill giant later, they return to Ashfield, which is under siege. They circle the town and cross the river further to the west. Leaving the golems hiding in the river, they enter town and bring the Council up to speed. Meanwhile, the northern section of the town is under attack.

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