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Session 9

Day 39

After a meeting with the Council, where Nevron, Arath and Charon explain what they found  out about the orcs, they are hired to protect the Council. The Council feels that there is a risk that the Starkhold commanders might send assassins to kill them, plunging Ashfield into chaos before an impending attack.

Day 41

During the night, the assassins strike, killing Markos before our three heroes can kill them off.

Day 42

Father Elias calls on the council, explaining that he recently had a vision from the Twins. He saw himself studying a book. He immediately dug out the book from the temple library and began reading it. Turns out the book told a story of a currently abandoned temple in the hills to the north-west. Many years ago, the temple had apparently had some fierce guardians, 3 stone golems controllable by a special wand. Those golems could be used to help repel the attackers, so the three are asked to travel to the temple, find the wand and return with the golems.

Day 43

On the way to the temple, Nevron, Arath and Charon are captured by a patrol of the Starkhold army. They are brought to the camp near Ringborg and put in chains.

Day 47

Nevron, Arath and Charon finally manage to escape, and head back to Ashfield with the certitude that Starkhold will soon be attacking their adopted town.

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