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Session 8

Day 27

After killing the shaman and interrogating him, Arath, Nevron, Chavron and Petyr headed out to find the remaining goblins. They did so about an hour later, but after a brief battle and 10 dead goblins, they knew nothing more than they did before.

They returned to Ashfield and were met on the outskirts of the village by Thomas Gyll and his 6 thugs. Thomas acted as if he had never made a deal and hired the four adventurers, and wanted them to leave. When Nevron called him a liar and presented the ring they had found, Gyll and the thugs attacked them.

Arath, Nevron, Chavron and Petyr killed them all but one of the thugs, and told the village that they were now in control. In Thomas Gyll's house, they found evidence that he had a deal with the goblins regarding some 40-odd captives. Shortly after finding the evidence, Father Tobias from the Church of Twins approached and told them the village's secret. A red dragon called Firebreath (by the humans) had ruled the area for years, and Thomas had been forced long ago to strike a deal. Provide a steady stream of human cattle for the dragon, against protection and not being attacked.

Day 28

Arath, Nevron, Chavron and Petyr called a town meeting to convince the inhabitants of Darion Town to leave the village. Unfortunately they presented their case of killing Thomas Gyll very poorly, and the villagers tried to mob them instead. So they decided to leave town quickly and head further up the river to investigate.

Day 29

On the way south, towards the orc villages, they ran into four orcs. The captured orc told them that "a white elf came to the village and then the elders told us to head up to a pass in the mountains for the glory of the orc people". He also had a note which outlined the mission he and his 3 companions had gotten:
Darion Town, house next to white and brown mill, east end, kill man, wife + 3 children, get diary, brown leather with elven runes.

After disposing of the orc, the 4 companions return to Darion Town in disguise and get the diary, which tells of a secret vale leading through the mountains and a dragon temple in the same vale..

Day 31

Penetrating the mountains, Arath, Nevron, Chavron and Petyr stumble over about 50.000 orcs in a valley. They decide to press on and look for the hidden valley mentioned in the diary.

Day 32

The four companions find the hidden valley and soon after the dragon temple, former home of the Cult of Aurac.

Day 34

2 days later, the temple is clear. Filled with undead, oozes, traps and a couple of mindflayers, the four companions had a lot of close calls, but managed to get out alive. They found the family heirloom of Petyr, his father's mace. They also found some magic items (a ring, a battleaxe and a wand) and some other loot. But most interesting was also the fact that they found indication that Aurac was not dead at all, but merely hibernating instead, and that the temple had been protecting the "key" to the location of Aurac. It might have been moved before falling to the undeads though, as no key was found, nor any information on where it could be.

Day 38

Arath, Nevron, Chavron and Petyr arrive back in Ashfield.

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