onsdag den 27. november 2013

Session 7

Day 22
Arath, Nevron and Chavron took the boat offered by the council, a small vessel with room for 8-10 persons and some wares.

Day 24
After a couple of uneventful days, they arrived at the Last Inn, a small cluster of 8 buildings and 40 people, centered around the inn of the same name, The Last Inn.

In there, they met Petyr, a young Tempus priest-captain looking for a temple of Aurac. He drew them a loose map of the region and they decided to join forces for now.

Day 26
After some more sailing, they arrive at Darion Town, a small village of some 200 souls. A small village with no walls, which they thought was odd, considering it's placement in the middle of orc or barbarian tribes. According to Thomas Gyll, the founder and Mayor of the village, it was due to their ferocious and well-trained guards, as well as due to the fact that the whole community pitched in, in times of crisis. Their rather large Twins Church however bears clear signs of fire.

Gyll knew nothing of an orc uprising, but he did have a goblin problem, and offered them 150 gold to kill some goblins in a wood 8-10 miles to the north.

Day 27
Arriving into the forested hills, Petyr and co. are ambushed in a ravine by about 10 goblins and some wolves. After disposing of the goblins, they go hunting for one that got away. Instead of finding him, they run into a goblin shaman and his pet dire wolf, the size of a horse.

On the shaman, they find a ring with the Gyll family crest on, and a small magically locked box with some powder in a bag in it. According to the shaman, who is questioned before being dispatched, the power is used to call his master. He would however rather die than tell more about his master. He does however tell them where they can find the remaining goblins (10 or so).

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