onsdag den 20. november 2013

Session 6

Day 19

The heroes are almost upon Riverhold, when they are attacked by some bandits. They quickly kill off the poor hapless fools, and proceed to Riverhold. There they find an army of Starkhold encamped outside. At first, they think the city is under attack, but it turns out that it is not.

Passing through the army, they learn that they are heading west, towards orc country, in order to squash some orc tribes that are banding together. Except that the positioning of the army makes no sense whatsoever if that is true.

They enter Riverhold, and quickly find out that dragonborn are regarded as slaves and lesser beings with absolutely no rights in Riverhold. After some interesting encounters with the law regarding Arath, they find their way to Ratkins, and get the parcel.

They quickly leave the town, but are  apprehended by Starkhold soldiers and politely asked to talk to one colonel Remus. He asks them to deliver a message to a general Marius in Ironville. They agree, but after leaving the camp, they break the seal and read them message. Colonel Remus is asking the general to keep the Ironville troops ready, in order to be ready to help the Starkhold troops, if need be. The 3 heroes decide to ditch the message (Arath breathes on it) and head back to Ashfield.

Day 21

After two days of traveling they return to Ashfield, and turn in the parcel, which turns out to be a statue associated with luck. They then tell Randall (and later the council) about the army that they saw.

The council is worried, and wants to know if the orc threat is real, so Arath, Nevron and Charon were sent west, to find out what was happening amongst the orc tribes of the Dragon Mountains.

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