onsdag den 20. november 2013

Session 5

Day 15 Under the guise of pursuing the thief, they exited the Laughing Ogre and tried to find out where the squads of soldiers(?) were heading. They lost them somewhere around the marked and gave up. As they returned to the inn, they ran into another quad, and were soundly beaten to a pulp quickly. They woke up, trapped in a building, being questioned by the soldiers. A hooded man made Arath swear on Lathander that he would tell noone, while promising that whatever was happening was not bad for the town of Ashfield. They agree, and before leaving, Nevron gambled on unhooded the man, who turned out to a greying weathered soldier-type. They were still allowed to leave.

Day 16 The next day, they went around sniffing up some information. Word on the street was that the Black Hawks had killed the vampire. They tracked down the Black Hawks and found that their leader, Rick Beauford was none other than the hooded man from the night before. They also discovered that Rick had a Black Sword Unicorn tattoo. The Black Sword Unicorn are elite troops from Ironville Crossing.

Day 17 At lunch, they are approached by Ratkins, a moonite and friend of Holder Garth. He wants them to travel to Riverhold and pick up a parcel for him.

Day 18 They head south, through Questar Wood, encountering several monsters. Nevron convinces a dryad to let them pass without a fight.

Day 19 They are ambushed by an ogre and some goblins, but manage to fight them off.

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