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Session 4

Day 11

As they were almost upon the circle, our friends ran into a young woodswoman called Kari. She stopped them to warn them about the circle, and offered to help them take care of the cultists. As it turns out, it was a trap, or something. At night, she jumped Arath (with a weapon) and almost succeeded in killing him. When she died, she turned into a grey-skinned humanoid creature with little features aside from all-white eyes. On her she had a note which said:
AshfieldSergeant Karl

After the fight, our heroes decided to move their camp. Not much did it do, as a ghoul spotted them and surprised them. After a short battle, the undead menace died none the less.

Day 12

After a long day of waiting, the cultists finally arrived as it was getting dark. 6 of them, in heavy robes and carrying torches. Our heroes let them pass, and waited for them to set up their ritual. As they were performing it, our heroes attacked them, but unfortunately, the dead cultists only served to fuel the blood sacrifice to Orcus, so a demon arrived through a portal.

The fight was close, but both the cultist and the demon were killed. The cultist leader had a well-crafted tattoo of the Orcus symbol on his chest, while two others also bore tattoos, although they seemed able to deal with that. They also found a bag who had previously held a few pounds of darkwood.

The adventurers returned to their track, where they were attacked by a sneaky bugbear. The bugbear died none the less.

Day 13

They returned to the city.

Day 14

As they arrived, the city was placed under martial law. A vampire, an evil creature that prowls the night, was on the loose, and while people hired to hunt it the following night, they need everyone to stay inside, locked windows and doors. They were told to also smear garlic oil on all entrances to help prevent the vampire from entering.

They decided to protect the Laughing Ogre and help out Terrance, in case the vampire would show up there.

Day 15

They heard something upstairs, and quickly went upstairs. They almost caught a burglar, but he escaped. Due to the broken window, they spotted something odd. Outside, in the pouring rain, quads of very organized people were making their way through Ashfield.

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