onsdag den 30. oktober 2013

Session 3

Day 7

The next day, the three adventurers headed north, towards the Twin Rocks. They found the two pointy 30-foot stones easily enough, where they left a fake message. Soon enough, someone arrived to pick it up the message. Nevron charmed the poor sod, who told them that a Mr. B was in charge, and he could be found at some ruins nearby. He could however not give any more information about Mr. B, despite being charmed.

Our heroic trio told him to wait, and headed for the ruins. There they ran into some sentries, and when their bluff failed, they were forced to kill them. Nevron spotted a heavily cloaked figure, but he dissipated as soon as Nevron tried to attack him.

Day 8

The next morning, they headed back to Ashfield.

Day 9

Once back in Ashfield, they tried to gather some information about Mr. B, but to no avail. They did however learn from Elias that darkwood was used both by orc shamans, druids and devil/demon-summoners.

Day 10

Once again, the trio headed back out into Trollwood, and headed to the lumberjack camp. They learned that when they first arrived, the lumberjacks had inadvertently stumbled over a summoning circle, not too far away.

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