tirsdag den 15. oktober 2013


Day 0 BC (Before Campaign):
It was a nice morning. Charon and Timotee were sitting at the table - Timotee stinky as always. I concidered talking to Charon about my newfound knowledge about Timotee, but decided against it. Now was not the time. Besides, Charon was looking even more unwordly than usual. I'll never understand monks. "Life is sacred". Yeah, maybe in a stuffy monestary, but he obviously never spent time near the swamps or fended off a goblin invasion. Still a trustworthy fellow - I think. Fortunately, the mark under my wrist was no longer visible. It will be great to be able to wear short sleeves again. It was a good thing that Terrance hadn't told anything. Who knows what I would have done... Maybe I should just settle down and live a quiet life. Hell, I could even go back to the church.
Yeah right!

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