fredag den 11. oktober 2013

Session 1

Charon, Timotee and Arath had been a team, an adventuring party for a little under a month. After meeting when Charon was charged with bringing Arath to justice, they quickly became friends.

Now they had been passing time in Ashfield, waiting for someone to need their particular skills.

They had been staying at the Laughing Ogre (owner Terrance, Moonite male, scar on throat, tattoo of dragon on hand).

Day 1
As the three adventurers were sitting, chilling at the Laughing Ogre, Sergeant Harold (Sunite male, young, acne) arrived and informed them that Lieutenant Randall wished to see them at the barracks. When they arrived, they ran into a young Sunite with a nasty rash on his arm and neck. Arath cured him off it, and it turned out to be Lieutenant Randall.

He informed them of a fugitive called Simon, a fugitive wanted by the town of Ashfield. He had been sighted with some bandits that were plaguing the lumberjacks in the forest. The bounty was 50 gp if dead, 100 gp if alive for Simon. The three friends took the deal, and almost immediately headed out of town and south towards the forest. On the way out, they met a young half-elven red-headed charismatic wizard, who introduced himself as Charming Charlie. He wanted them to look for certain things, while being in the forest. He told them that he was willing to pay 85 gp for the poisonous gland of the Tiger Lizard and 100 gp for the scalp of a wight, both ingredients he needed for his magical research.

After walking most of the day, they arrived at the forest. As they entered it, they ran into an orc, an orc scout, or so Timothee believed. The orc's name was Krull and he told them that he was an outcast from the Rotten Feet Clan to the south. He offered to share his meat with them, and they accepted. He brought them to his camp, and for a couple of hours, all went well. Then, as it became dark, and people went to bed, Krul attacked Arath, but was killed, even though it was kinda difficult.

Day 2
The next morning, they arrived at the lumber-camp. They confirmed the attacks, but could and would not help them further. The unlikely trio kept looking for the bandits, and after stumbling over some beetles, they found tracks and a lake. As they were investigating the lake, they were attacked by two ghouls. Arath was beaten to a pulp, but the other two managed to dispatch the undeads.

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