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Inhabitants: 6104

Industry: fishing, lumber and mining - from open-pit mining with deep shafts. Most surplus is exported towards Ironville.

General: Ashfield is located (mostly) on the south side of the Yokar River, which is at that point is about 700 meter wide. Lots of small boats ferry people at all times of the day to north side, which holds about 500 of the inhabitants in their own pseudo-town, even though it is Ashfield, and otherwise some farms and a trail to Manhurst departing from the north gate.

From the east gate a trail heads east around Trollwood and south towards Questown. Out of the west gate a trail goes along the river to Ringborg.

There is a bias against halflings in Ashfield, they are seen as untrustworthy. Probably because Ringborg has a larger than normal population of halflings, or perhaps due to the influence of the Church of Bane.

Conflicts: Ashfielders really do not like Ringborgians. Ringborg is slightly larger than Ashfield and has a better military. Therefore Ringborg and it's inhabitants are seen as dangerous.

"Never trust a Ringborgian, all he wants is our city, our lumber and our copper. And when he has taken that, he will take our wives."
NPC's of note:

Michael Delacroix (Lord of Ashfield)

Markos (council-member)

Erika (council-member)

Jaren Sunwell (council-member)

James (captain of the guard)

Charming Charlie (enchanter)

Elias (Priest of the Twins)

Zimena Fartree (high-end courtesan)

Valin Barhold (Emissary from Hillstown)

Colonel Zanderoo (Emissary from Ironville)

Drogan Hammerholt (exceptional smith)

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