fredag den 13. september 2013

Shar, the Black Empress

Everyone is like Torax. They lie about it, but they all have a dark side they never show.

- Marcus Twayn, Pre-Second Demon War.

Shar, the Black Empress


Shar is the goddess of the night, of the darkness, but also of magic, mistresses, undead, witchcraft, misery, sorrow and assassins. She is mostly depicted as a raven-haired pale but extremely beautiful woman in flowing black robes, wearing a half-mask.

  • The will of the Empress is best done in the darkness.

  • Without light, there can be no darkness.

  • Bad things happen to all, the strong harness the misery and sorrow and it makes them stronger.


  • Clerics of Shar wear all black robes.

  • High priests are called Nightbringers.

  • Ceremonies are conducted during the night.

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