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Natalia Blackhorn

At the age of 14, Natalia decided to kickstart her demonic powers. She dragged her own little-sister Angelica to an altar she had built in the forest, and sacrificed her there. She cut out her own sister's heart and ate it! Can you imagine just how sick in your mind and soul, you would have to be to do something like that? Oh how I failed, Lathander, please forgive me, for I could not know.

- Amina, mother of Angelica and Natalia, near Oakwood, Year 5730

Natalia Blackhorn

Ever since coming into her power, Natalia has been obsessed about one thing and one thing only. Starting the Third Demon War. Or at least, that is what the stories will have you believe. Even though perceived as evil, many men and women of power hire her to summon and question creatures from Hell in order to get the upper hand against whomever they compete against.

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