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The Twins

We are the Sun and Moon
We are Man and Woman
We are Black and White
We are Light and Darkness
We are Fire and Ice
We are the Land and the Sea
We are Truth and Deception
We are the Sword and the Magic
We are Life and Death
We are the Twins
We are everything
-The Twins, allegedly written on the Tyrabor Rock more than 10.000 years ago.
The Twins


The Twins are the beginning and the end. The twin entity covers all aspects of life from life to death. Because of the broadness of the portfolio, the focus of individual churches can sometimes (often) differ a lot.

Because of their place in the history of Gemnos, it is not uncommon for followers of the Twins to see themselves as leaders of communities or advisors to those who lead. "For Gemnos" is a common saying amongst it's clergy.

  • What is good for Gemnos is good for us.
  • The Twins are the only gods of Gemnos
  • Pity those that does not follow, for they know not, what they do.
  • Brown, simple robes.
  • Symbol: circle, yellow on one side, grey on other
  • Necklace with links shows how high in the hierarchy a priest is.
    • Iron, brass, bronze, copper, silver, gold, platinum.
Last Rites

  • Buried at either sunrise or sunset in the earth of Gemnos. 
  • A priest with a platinum necklace runs the biggest church of the empire.
  • A priest with a gold necklace runs the biggest church of the kingdom.
  • A priest with a silver necklace runs the biggest church of a metropolis.
  • A priest with a copper necklace runs the biggest church of a big city
  • A priest with a bronze necklace runs the biggest church of a city
  • A priest with a brass necklace runs the biggest church of a village
  • A priest with an iron necklace runs a shrine
Requirements of the clerics and paladins
  • Seek influence to steer Gemnos in the right direction.
  • Offer guidance to those who seek it.
  • Pray at sunrise and sunset.
  • Pay 15% of all income to the church
Requirements of the faithful
  • Pay 10% of all income to the church
  • Attend temple at least 5 times per season.
Holy days
  • 45th day of winter
  • 45th day of summer
Holy Places

  • The Grand Temple in Belcoast
  • Tyrabor Rock
  • The Twin Rocks at the Great Crevasse

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