lørdag den 28. september 2013

Warlord Grik Clogmark

I wonder how the history will remember me? The first gnome warlord? A strategic genius? The one that brought the gnome race to the center stage. Or perhaps as a monster that exterminated everyone that stood between himself and the power he wanted. Only time will tell, but I think, I know - Muhahahaha...

- Grik Clogmark, in a rare moment of honesty, Rosewall, Year 5778

Warlord Grik Clogmark

The only of the original warlords left, Grik is also the only non-human warlord. Ruling in Rosewall for a bit more than 100 years, things are exactly how he wants them to be. Most of the other warlords fear him, but none have dared attack him for decades, as the history books clearly show that doing so is inviting doom.

Unlike Warlord Tyril Kayzar, who keeps his obsession with Eletha a secret, Grik never hid the fact that he wants the elf for himself. Although depending on his mood, you might be tempted to think that he wants to own or even eat her.

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