lørdag den 28. september 2013

The Three

I am not sure the Three have ever existed. They are like a boogeyman, a scary story you tell kids, so that they do not do wrong. "Go to bed, or the Three will send someone to take you away from your mother" - pfft. I mean, one thing is that the idea that a green, a black and a blue dragon might have been hiding in Oakwood for hundreds of years, without ever being seen, is not just silly, but downright ludicrous. But the idea that they have been working together, plotting and scheming just shows that you either aren't terrible bright, or you know nothing about dragons.

- Marquan the sage, Rosewall, Year 5832

More bad things get attributed to the Three than to anything. They (assuming they exist) have become the scapegoat of almost any unexplained occurrence in the central part of the Seven Amy Nation, especially near Oakwood.

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