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Lathander, the White Lord

And as the Arakus the Morninglord entered the temple, the darkness dissipated and the undead fled from the nimbus of light surrounding him, screaming in terror, much like their victims usually do. I had never heard such a sound before, and I suspect I never will again...

- William Bonegrinder, year 5701

Lathander, the White Lord


Lathander is the god of Light, Rebirth, Beauty, Dawn, Truth and Spring. Mostly depicted as a black man with a full beard and a halo, Lathander is the bringer of Light in Gemnos.

Just as it is with many other gods, the interpretations of the god's cryptic words has created several fractions amongst the church. The most common faction are just strongly opposed to undead. They dedicate their life to the eradication of all things undead. When they do not do that, they bless newborns, prepare new parents for what will come and also often act as judges. There is another fraction called the Order of Holy Light, that believe that man should never be called back from the dead, so they never raise the dead. And while paladins are very common amongst both factions, there is also a paladin-only faction, that have taken the words of Lathander to the extreme. The Will of Lathander, as they call themselves, believe that getting raised is an affront to their god, and on top of fighting undead, they also hunt those who have been raised by the dead. Of course, the Church of Lathander denies that such a faction even exists. But rumors persist.

  • Undeads should not exist.
  • Death and truth should never be tampered with.
  • Make sure the dead never rise again.
  • Clerics of Lathander are called Dawn Priests.
  • High priests are called Morninglords.
  • All religious ceremonies performed in Lathander's name are performed at dawn.
  • Morninglords wear golden ribbons.
  • Temples to Lathander are always circular, built without a roof (so that the light can always shine on it's dawn priests),  with an altar in the middle.
  • A common greeting used by Dawn Priests and other worshipers is: May his light shine on you, brother.

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