lørdag den 28. september 2013

Krakas the Dark

One day I will rule the world. I will raise armies of undead and they will sweep across the land, sack the cities of the living and replenish my armies. And because I have been here, I will save this place for last, but in the end, you will all bow before me and call me: Master.

- 11 year old Krakas on his first and last day at the Arcane Academy, Year 5811

Krakas the Dark

For many years, Krakas has operated out of Highmeadow, where he helps Warlord Tyril Kayzar rule. He is a necromancer of exceptional skills, and uses them to bolster the army of Highmeadow. The undead scare the common people, but most soldiers have gotten used to them by now. Those that can not, usually never last long.

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