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Bahamut the Savior

... and as Bahamut died tied to the burning pole, his soul took form and left the mortal body as smoke. As it rose towards Heaven, the smoke took form of a great wyrm, and the inhabitants of Varioz knelt before it's magnificent glory.

- The Origin of Bahamut, by various unknown authors
Bahamut the Savior
(Lawful) Good

Bahamut is the god of justice, honor family and all things good. Depicted both as an angel, a dragon and a halfling, he is a very popular god in modern day Gemnos.
  • Do not ask of others, what you can do yourself 
  • Be honorable, be just. To everyone. 
  • Raise your sons so they become better than you. 
  • Shield your family from all evil. 
  • There is one, and only one god. 
  • Red cloaks with platinum dragon
Last Rites 
  • Followers of Bahamut are burnt on a funeral pyre of wood, just like Bahamut himself was burnt at the stake.
  • Clerics of Bahamut can choose the knowledge, war or life domain. The church of Bahamut also has a lot devotion paladins.
  • Despite the legacy left by Bahamut, the church is very fractured. The Church has 3 large fractions. The Resurrected, the Platinum Knights and the Followers of the One God.
  • The Resurrected is the oldest fraction, who believe the will of Bahamut must come to the world through good example and preaching.
  • The Platinum Knights are a militant fraction that believe that in order for the will of Bahamut to spread throughout the world, evil must be purged from Gemnos.
  • The Followers of the One God is the last and newest fraction. They believe fervently that Bahamut is not only the only god worth worshiping, he is literally the only god. All other gods are demons in disguise, and those who worship them are either deluded and must repent or die.
Requirements of the clerics and paladins 
  • Never ask of others what you can do by yourself.
  • Father at least one son. Teach him all you know.
  • Never refuse to help someone who asks for help.
  • Give everyone a second chance.
Requirements of the faithful
  • 5% of all you earn goes to the church
  • Once per year, you offer your services to the church
Holy days
  • 27th day, 7th cycle
  • 18th day, 9th cycle
Holy Places
  • Where Bahamut was burnt (TBA)

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