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Marlin the Archmage

The Arcane Academy shall be a place of acceptance, where anyone with the aptitude can find solace and peace and avoid being hunted by ignorance and fear. No one shall ever be turned away. Instead we shall strive to teach the right moral and ethics to those of power.

- Archmage Marlin, at the opening of the Arcane Academy, Year 5789

Marlin the Archmage

Marlin has been advising the Lockhurst warlords for more than 90 years, yet he is still by all accounts a young man. Some call him the power behind the throne, others call him a madman, but he is definitely the man who convinced the seven warlords to make a permanent alliance. Nowadays he spends most of his time as leading the Arcane Academy, which he founded himself. The Academy is located on an alleged magical island in the middle of Dragon Lake.

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