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Torm the Silent

We can not have chaos. With chaos, everything stops, therefore, chaos must be fought at all costs, on all fronts. I rather put a city that has fallen into chaos  to the sword, than risk that is contaminates other cities of the Empire.
-High Imprecator Julius Maccra, Year 4298
Torm the Silent

Torm is the god of protection and also of honor, justice, practicality and paladins. His clerics (and paladins) are often used as judges and otherwise to settle disputes. While his clerics aren't silent, they are however usually reserved and prone to think (alot) before talking. Some say that is because they are dim, but most know it is because they tend to make sure they have considered all sides of the matter before they speak or act.

  • Without truth, there is chaos. Without justice, there is chaos. Without honor, there is chaos. There must be no chaos.
  • Armor ?
Last Rites
  • Followers of Torm are buried in complete silence, in the dead of night
  • Clerics of Torm have the knowledge or war domain.
  • The church of Torm also has a lot of devotion and vengeance paladins 
  • The most common fraction of Tormites are the Truthseekers. 
  • The Crusaders of the Silent God, an ancient wing of the church of Torm  that held a lot of power in the old days, waged war on just about any nation that didn't live up to the rigid structure of the church. Today, they still exist in small cells. The Crusaders believe falsehoods and lies are destroying the world and that those who wield them as weapons need to be killed. Obviously they do not play well with the church of Mask, amongst others.
Requirements of the clerics and paladins
  • Must be chaste
  • Must never accept a bribe
  • Must always speak the truth
  • Work against change
Requirements of the faithful
  • Always speak the truth
  • Pay 5% of all earnings
Holy days
  • 11th day, 2nd cycle
  • 21st day, 2nd cycle
Holy Places
  • TBA

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