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Warlord Tyril Kayzar

To say the Warlord is obsessed with Eletha is an understatement. His private room, which no one but him and his servants see, is full of statues and paintings in her likeliness. He has even spent years and thousands of gold pieces not only learning perfectly inflected elven, but also collecting elven artifacts and learning everything about elven history.
- Former servant of Tyril Kayzar, Highmeadow, the day before he disappeared, Year 5838
Warlord Tyril Kayzar
Ruling Highmeadow for more than two decades, Tyril Kayzar has his aging eyes set on several things. Aside from the alleged obsession with Eletha, the Elven Queen, Kayzar has wanted to take over Lockhurst and especially the Dragonlake, with the Arcane Academy for many years. He sees the magic university as the key for a bid to rule all of the Seven Army Nation.

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