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Bane the Dominator

Only humans are made to rule. All other races were created to serve... or to die.
Bane the Dominator

Bane is the god of humans, perfection, domination and war. One of three gods that does not derive from the original twins, Bane is according to some a fallen angel, according to others an angel ascended to godhood. He is a very popular god amongst humans and due to the dogma of his church, he is often the only one worshipped in a given city or nation.
Bane is, according to the new gods and their followers, the absolute ruler of Hell. All devils and demons follow him and his Seven Lords of Hell. The irony of a god that believes in the supremacy of the human race being ruler of all devils and demons is not lost on those outside the faith.

  • Be human, be perfect.
  • Work hard, every day, towards your goals.
  • Work with those who bow before you, wage war on those who do not
  • Clerics of Bane wear black garbs and armor with red bloodstains.
Last Rites
  • Followers of Bane are decapitated and buried naked with their weapon of choice.
  • Clerics of Bane belong to one of two fractions of the church. The Black Fist, which preaches that Banites ought to lead the human race, and that all other races should serve the humans, and the Ebon Crusaders, which is even more radical and extremist. They believe that their mandate to lead is god-given and that only humans should exist. All other races should be exterminated. They are banned from most civilized areas, but run the Ebon Empire.
  • Tempels of Bane usually have two sections. An upper section, which consists solely of columns, a roof (ie no walls) and an altar. The other section is below ground, and consists of everything from personal rooms to dungeons. Chambers for fighting and sparring are also common.
  • Clerics of Bane are expert summoners of demons and devils. They are also widely regarded as the foremost experts on anything related to the demons and devils.
  • Clerics of Bane have either the war, knowledge or tempest domain. The church also has a significant number of oathbreaker paladins.
Requirements of the clerics and paladins
  • Be physically perfect
  • Be ruthless, never hesitate
  • Amass power and wealth and use it in the name of Bane
  • Ensure human rule
  • Always head the denizens of Hell. They are the voice of Bane.
Requirements of the faithful
  • Serve the church for 3 years.
  • Pay 15% of all earnings to the church
Holy days
  • 4th day of the 1st cycle
  • 20th day of the 4th cycle
Holy Places
  • Where the leader of the Ebon Empire first appeared (TBA)

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