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Torax the Moon

Torax, my brother, my son, my husband. Know that despite the madness hidden beneath your infinite calm, I love you still.

-Nira, allegedly
Torax the Moon

Torax is the moon god, but also the god of divinations, hunting, lycanthropes, healing, death. Often depicted as a sly-looking slender white male, Torax is, just like Nira, mostly worshipped in the rural areas and by primitive people. In the ancient times, Torax worshippers were known for their pyramids stained by the blood of many sacrifices.

  • Control the beast, then unleash it.
  • The truth and future is hidden in the blood.
  • Cooked or traded flesh are for others
  • Lycanthropes are holy creatures, the children of Torax
  • Grey cloaks, large iron chains with moon-circle of iron
Last Rites
  • Heart is removed (and eaten or burnt) before burial in ground.
  • The church of Torax is very civilized and rural these days. Their priests mainly serve as advisors of small farming communities. It used to be very different. Torax was just called To, and the primitive, primal worship involved human sacrifices, cannibalism and mating with lycanthropes. But those days are long gone.
  • The clerics of Torax have either the nature, knowledge, trickery or death domain.
  • The church also has a number of oath of the ancient paladins.
Requirements of the clerics and paladins
  • Pray that the moon rises (at sundown)
  • Sacrifice blood, every day
  • Only eat raw flesh that you have caught yourself
  • Advise the flok
  • Bury the dead, leading them back to Torax
Requirements of the faithful
  • Once per cycle, spend a night of meditation, outside, under the moon.
Holy days
  • 36th day, 2nd cycle
  • 1 day, 10th cycle
Holy Places
  • TBA

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