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Mask the Master of Secrets

Even the best friend of a cleric of Mask can not trust a word he says. No matter how much he loves his friend, he will never tell him the truth.
-Ghael Willowwind, year 4857
Mask, the Master of Secrets
Mask is the god(?) of deception, secrets, illusion, thieves and spies. He or she is mostly depicted as a genderless white person with hidden features.

  • Tell me your secrets, and I will use them for more power.
  •  Only fools tell the truth.
  • If you have to tell the truth, don't.
  • Usually black garbs and black halfmasks
Last Rites
  • Wrapped in black silk and put into the ground in a secret spot without markings
  • The Black Masks is the most common name given to the clerics of Mask
  • The Black Network is a unconfirmed, rumored fraction of the church that collects information on a nation-wide scale. 
  • The Black Cloaks are the magical assassins of the church of Mask. Or at least, that is the rumor. Noone has ever admitted knowledge of such a group.
  • The clerics of Mask have the trickery or the knowledge domain.
  • The church of Mask also have some oathbreaker paladins.
Requirements of the clerics and paladins
  • Trick others into giving you wealth and power
  • Never tell the whole truth
  • Never trust an outsider
  • Acquire information and pass it on to the Black Network
Requirements of the faithful
  • Provide information
  • Give 30% of all money acquired with the information provided by the church
  • 5% of all earnings
Holy days
  • 11th day, 5th cycle
  • 22nd day, 10th cycle
Holy Places

  • Unknown

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