lørdag den 28. september 2013

Warlord Eric Bane

When Eric Bane enters a room, even the shadows become silent and subdued.

- First Sergeant Viggot, Freyholm, Year 5845, a few days before he was hanged for desertion.

Eric Bane

Named after the god, Eric Bane, warlord and ruler of Freyholm, is a man of many names and few words. Called the Dark Crusader behind his back, he is feared and adored by both soldiers and populace. His unyielding quest to rid the world of magic, undead and demons both scare and excite.

Eric Bane is one of the two extra warlords, after he sparked a rebellion in Freyholm and "liberated" it from the grasp of Warlord Jasper Ladjeer of Belcoast in 5845, just four years ago. Since then, Eric Bane has been busy, and rid both the city of Freyholm and the surrounding area of magic-users and other magical beings.

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