lørdag den 28. september 2013

Balerion, the Red Menace

Virgins. Nothing tastes better than a virgin bathed in the sweat of fear. Aside from a righteous paladin cooked in his plate armor. Mmmm. Just speaking of them make me hungry. Maybe it is time for a little afternoon snack. Any volunteers?

- Balerion, Year 5709

Balerion the Red Menace

As soon as the Second Demon War ended, Balerion moved in and took over a large area east of the Dragon Mountains. The humanoid tribes who arrived later were quickly subdued and forced into worship of the great red dragon. For a century, Balerion terrorized the area and was like a god for the tribes who lived there. The Seven Army Nation had to halt their progress eastward out of fear of the dragon. Now, it's been 77 years since anyone has seen the red master.

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