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Nira the Sun

Nira is my daughter, my wife and my sister. I will love and hate her to the end of time, where I will devour her and darken the world.

-From the Book of Torax
Nira the Sun
Nira is the sun goddess as well as goddess of growth, agriculture, farmers and summer. Once worshipped across Gemnos, Nira, who is depicted as a black female wielding a staff and humble robes, is nowadays mostly worshipped in rural areas and amongst primitive people, which also cling to the ancient rituals of blood sacrifice to honor the goddess and amongst quite a few tribes of wood elves.

  • Life is meant to be lived, do not interfere with life.
  • Life is sacred, but death is inevitable.
  • Strong seed should be spread for strength
  • Golden chain with sun.
Last Rites
  • Mounted on a pyre to dry in the sun for 7 days, then burnt
  • Church of Nira is still strong in some rural districts, where the clerics mostly serve as advisors of war, but also with regards to planting crops. They also act as midwives.
  • In the old days, when she was called Ni, the clergy was promoting bloody rituals and orgies that lasted for days without end.
  • The clerics of Nira have the life, war, nature or life domain.
  • The church also have a number of oath of the ancient paladins.
Requirements of the clerics and paladins
  • Pray at dawn for the sun to rise
  • Spill blood every day
  • Lead the flok
  • Live life to the fullest, never regret any choices
  • Teach the children
Requirements of the faithful
  • Serve your god and she will serve you in return.
Holy days
  • 1st day of 5th cycle
  • 36th day of 7th cycle
Holy Places
  • TBA

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