fredag den 27. september 2013

Warlord Enry Kammel

Kammel? The old man might still have the biggest army and rule one of the biggest cities and once, his dream of a united kingdom instead of the 7AN might have been realistic. But he is getting old and his dream is quickly fading before the realities of the world. The question is only whether he will die before his dream..

-Warlord Sophie Ran, Ironville Crossing, year 5848

Warlord Enry Kammel

Warlord and ruler of Lockhurst, Enry Kammel is one of the most senior of all the warlords. Approaching 60, he still looks very fit and sharp, but his age is beginning to show.

For years, Kammel has been the glue holding the strategic alliance of the 9 warlords together. But while doing that, he has never hidden the fact that he believes everyone, warlords and people alike, would be better off with changing the 7AN into a nation, a kingdom ruled by the best and fairest of the warlords.

Seen as generally fair and just by most of his soldiers, the general populace under his rule tend to see him as harsh and unbending.

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