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The Raven Queen

As far as I know, I am the only person alive outside the clergy of the Raven Queen to see a death dancer and survive. I saw him, at least I think it was a him, in a mirror, through a crappy window, and yet, I am still lame in my left leg, 27 years later.

-Sam Good-Luck the halfling, year 5787 in Ironville

The Raven Queen


The Raven Queen, whose name has never been, is the god of death, fate, luck, unluck, thieves and assassins. The Raven Queen is most commonly depicted as a black-skinned woman wearing a black mask and black raven wings.

  • Death comes to all.

  • What will be, will be.

  • Say her name and die.

  • Noone escapes the death dancers.


  • The clerics of the Raven Queen always wear black masks.

  • Dead buried by the clerics of the Raven Queen are swept in black silk before put into the ground.

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