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Erathis the Builder

Erathis says "built to last". But the Wall of Gemnos was built over 65 years by more than a million men. And it still crumbled before the dragons.

-The Three, year unknown, place unknown.

Erathis, the Builder

Erathis is the god of the land, but also of  structure, civilization, crafting, learning, sages, inventors, lawmakers. He is depicted as an aging, but strong black man with a greying beard.

  • Built to last.
  • Bring civilization everywhere with you, in your heart.
  • Knowledge is power.
  • The Law must be obeyed.
  • Creating something can never be bad.
  • Community and order are always stronger than individuals.

  • Grey cloaks with scales and a hammer. It is impossible to distinguish a high priest from an acolyte.

Last Rites
  • Followers of Erathis are buried in carefully constructed mausoleums or at least in permanent structures.
  • Erathis has the strongest presence in large cities
  • His clerics are often used as judges and final arbiters of the law.
  • The Church has is divided into two wings, the Inquisitors and the Arbiters. The Arbiters are focused on making the world a better place, by expanding civilization and applying it everywhere. They are by far the most common type of Erathis priest encountered. The Inquisitors belong to a group of the church that believes that lies destroy civilization. They do not have an official branch, but instead operate within the church or clandestinely for hire, purging the world of lies.
  • Erathis' clerics all have the knowledge domain. The Church also has a significant number of paladins with the oath of devotion.
Requirements of the clerics and paladins
  • Be patient
  • Build, create
  • Resist change
Requirements of the faithful
  • 15% of all you earn goes to the church
  • Once per year, you must help build/create something that will last
Holy days
  • 6th day, 8th cycle
  • 34th day, 2nd cycle
Holy Places
  • The Great Wall
  • Every other impressive man-made building

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