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Seven Army Nation Timeline

Year 5679 - The Second Demon War begins

Year 5698 - The Second Demon War ends when the Brave Wyverns sacrifice their lives and close the demon portal, sucking all demons back to Hell.

Year 5699 - People return to the Cursed Lands, quickly spreading all over, stacking their claim to old towns and cities who could still be rebuilt.

Year 5714 - Warlord Markos takes the power in Belcoast.

Year 5721 - War between Belcoast & Starkhold

Year 5723 - End of war between Belcoast and Starkhold

Year 5728 - War between Ironville and Lochhurst

Year 5732 - End of war between Ironville and Lochhurst

Year 5744 - Grik Clogmark takes power in Rosewall

Year 5776 - The Seven Warlords make peace and the Seven Army Nation is created.

Year 5779 - The Churches of Bane and Bahamut declare holy war against each other. The newly obtained peace of the Seven Army Nation is threatened as the violence escalates until Eletha manages to broker a peace.

Year 5784 - The Purple Death sweeps across the Cursed Land. The plague infects almost one in two and kills one in twenty of the affected.

Year 5789 - A horrible earthquake emanating from the Dragon Mountains. Most cities sustain severe damage to all but the sturdiest buildings. Black smoke rises up from the Dragon Mountains for days afterwards, but before the expedition sent by Ashfield arrives, the black smokes stops.

Year 5797 - The Black Kings, a male-only religious order connected to the Raven Queen falls into public disgrace in the Seven Army Nation, when it becomes public knowledge that they have been practicing undead rituals on unwilling victims for months. In a very public trial in Starkhold, where their main church was located, their leader and high-priest Kranak (Krakas' father) is publicly executed.

Year 5811 - Enry Kammel becomes warlord of Lockhurst

Year 5814 - The Kyzian Empire attack Belcoast, war begins. The other 6 warlords are true to their word and agreement, and join Belcoast's warlord in the war against the Kyzian Empire.

Year 5825 - When the old warlord of Starkhold dies, José Stark takes on the mantle of warlord.

Year 5826 - When the old warlord is killed in battle with the Kyzian Empire, Tyril Kayzar becomes warlord of Highmeadow.

Year 5827 - The Kyzian empire is beaten back, especially due to the exceptional tactics of Grik Clogmark.

Year 5830 - Three Dragons attacks attack the nation, plaguing the area between Highdale, Ironville and Starkhold.

Year 5831 - Revolt in Highdale and Elisabeth Grimflower takes the mantle of warlord.

Year 5838 - The old warlord of Ironville breaks temple law when his guards enters the Church of Torm, drag out a suspected spy and execute him right in there. Seven days later, he steps down and Sophie Ran ends up replacing him.

Year 5844 - Death of old warlord of Belcoast, Jasper Ladjeer takes on the mantle.

Year 5845 - Rebellion in Freyholm and Laketower sees Eric Bane and Patryk Vazzir take power and join the alliance later during the same year.

Year 5849 - Current year

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