lørdag den 28. september 2013

Xuk the Destroyer.

For too long my people have been forced to live in exile in the mountains. For too long my proud brothers have been forced to live in caves instead of palaces. For too long have we been considered monsters and killed on sight. Make me your chieftain and it will stop. I will unite all tribes and march on the humans. I will crush their armies and force them to acknowledge the Kingdom of Orcs, side by side with the human kingdoms. This I swear, by Orcus.

- Xuk the Destroyer, somewhere in the Dragon Mountains, Year 5838

Xuk the Destroyer

West of the Seven Army Nation lies mountains and hills filled with orcs. The most known of those are chieftain Xuk, called the Destroyer. The orcs believe he is destined to lead them down the mountains and into human lands.

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