lørdag den 28. september 2013

Warlord Sophie Ran

It's weird. Nobody speaks ill of Sophie Ran. Not out of fear, and not out of love. The people of Ironville seem fairly content, without being ecstatic about her leadership. Her soldiers see her as a good leader, without her impressing. She seems to have neither allies nor enemies. And that my lords, scares me more than anything else. No one becomes warlord without either.

- Warlord Patryk Vazzir, Laketower, Year 5847

Warlord Sophie Ran

For more than 10 years, Sophie Ran has been in charge of Ironville Crossing. When the former warlord died, she emerged from the pack of contenders and took the mantle of warlord without even shedding a single drop of blood. Since then, Ironville has been running smoothly and increasing it's influence, both in other cities and in the surrounding towns.

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