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Cyric, the Prince of Shadows

The other gods? I laugh at them. They may think they have power, but in reality, they only have what I give them. I rule the Underworld and all souls pass through me.

-Cyric to an anonymous devil. 
Neutral (evil)
Cyric is like Bahamut and Bane not an aspect of the Twins. What he is or was has been long forgotten, but nowadays he is the god of death and the dead. He rules the Underworld and, at least according to his clergy, where the souls of all who die go afterwards.

  • All souls eventually go to the Underworld
  • He who controls the souls, control life
  • Everybody dies
  • Dying is a choice
  • Grey cloaks with a silver lining
Last Rites
  • Blessed is he whose soul leaves Gemnos. Blessed is he whose soul travels to Cyric, to bask in his dark glory. 
  • Cyric has the strongest presence in large cities
  • His clerics often perform mercy-killings
  • The Church has a radical wing, which thinks that anyone who might die soon, might as well die immediately. They call themselves the Bringers of Death. 
  • Cyric's clerics either have the knowledge, trickery or death domain. The Church also has a significant number of paladins with the oath of vengeance. 
Requirements of the clerics and paladins
  • Combat demons and devils, or they will steal Cyric's souls.
  • Never raise the dead.
Requirements of the faithful
  • Never make a deal involving your soul. Your soul belongs to Cyric.
  • Pay 10% of all income to the church.
Holy days
  • 8th day of the 5th cycle
  • 34th day of the 10th cycle
Holy Places

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