lørdag den 14. september 2013

Umberlee the Stormbringer

It is not that I worship the Stormbringer, lads. She is a bitch of a goddess and I disagree with everything she stands for. But what kind of fool ventures out on the ocean without paying her some respect.

-Captain Yerrick, last words he ever said on firm soil.

Umberlee the Stormbringer


Umberlee is the goddess of the sea, storms, winds, lightning, sailors, autumn and rebirth. She is capricious and unpredictable. She is depicted as a white woman with lightning bolts on her cheeks.

  • There is nothing like the sea.

  • Salt are the tears of gods, in crystallized form.

  • Take what is yours.

  • Show no pity, just like a storm would show no pity.

  • Be like lightning. Quick, decisive, yet unpredictable.

  • Destruction is a glorious thing.


  • Clerics of Umberlee wear skin-tight blue or green body stocking worn with a voluminous cape trimmed with white fur that represents foaming breakers.

  • They bury their dead at the sea, or if that is not possible, covered in salt.

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