lørdag den 31. august 2013

Eletha Moonray

I saw the crystal spires of the Elven Queen's Palace. I saw the perfect statues, I saw the impeccable paintings and I saw the flawless high elves. But nothing approached the beauty of Eletha herself. Radiant, serene and exquisite, she sat atop the crystal throne, her immortal and wise gaze in stark contrast with her youthful and impossible perfect looks.

-Warlord Karip, Belcoast, year 5771

Many call her the Elven Queen, but Eletha is no such thing. She is however the moral and spiritual leader of all elves, both high elves and wood elves. She lives somewhere in Oakwood, in an elven castle hidden deep in the woods. The location is secret to all but her and her guards. All visitors who seek her out are led through the wood blindfolded.

And Eletha has many visitors. Men and women of power often travel far in order to seek out her wisdom. While no one who knows speaks of her true age, it is known that she was alive and already a political force to be recognized prior to the Second Demon War.

It is said she forms no permanent alliances, but it is however widely known that the Elven Queen dislikes both Xuk the Orc Lord and Natalia Blackhorn and their followers, and will do just about anything to keep them from succeeding in their goal.

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