fredag den 2. august 2013


The continent of Nimalar, greatest on Gemnos, is located squarely in the center of Gemnos. It is dominated by the Empire of Zun to the north and the Kyzian Empire to the south.

Tucked in between the two mighty and ancient empires, are the Cursed Lands. Named such after their fate during the Second Demon War, the Cursed Lands are both new and ancient. Ancient because more than seven empires have made the Cursed Lands their home, and new because the area and it's inhabitants were almost wiped out 150 years ago.

But although they returned, the Cursed Lands are still easily the least populated of all of Ural.

The populace of the Cursed Lands have founded 10 nations so far, but those nations only cover less than half of the Cursed Lands. The rest is still wilderness, inhabited by only the bravest and stupidest, as well as by monsters of all sorts.

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