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The Second Demon War

Achgarud, Pfaragir and Yangou. Every child living the Second Demon War knew their names. The three Pit Fiends, named the Red Triad by mortals, who in the name of Asmodeus led the forces of Hell to Gemnos and proceeded to destroy most of what is now known as the Cursed Lands. Achgarud, Pfaragir and Yangou, names that will never be forgotten, because they will live on in our nightmares forever.

Archibaz Delvar of Oldtown, Principality of Churaz, 5701
In the year of 5679, what is now known as the Cursed Lands, 101 cultists of Asmodeus, armed with an ancient artifact called the Dimensional Sword and more than 1000 devotees to sacrifice, managed to open a demon-hole, a semi-permanent portal to Hell. In poured thousands and thousands of devils and demons, led by a trio of Pit Fiends who eventually would go down in history as the Red Triad.

This was no ordinary war of conquest, it was a war for souls and destruction. No quarter was given, no mortal left alive when taken. It was a war for survival and for 21 years, the infernal armies swept through the lands of men, destroying cities and killing all. Those who had not died had fled, with only a few brave armies staying behind to halt the progression of the infernal host. Had it not been for a band of adventurers called the Brave Wyverns, the infernal forces would surely have consumed all on Gemnos.

The four adventurers had figured out a way to reverse the portal. They snuck and fought their way to the portal, and while Karan Demonslayer, Red Jack and Arthuro the Pure occupied Yangou and his servants, Esteban Timebender managed to reverse the portal. Alas for the heroes, the reversal created a great explosion that rocked all of the continent (and created the Great Crevasse) before it sucked all devils and demons back to Hell. The war was over, but at what cost? The greatest heroes were dead and along with them, millions of others. More than 9 out of 10 people who lived in the empire prior to the war were dead. Cities and farms stood empty, and all but the biggest city walls were destroyed.

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