fredag den 2. august 2013

The Seven Army Nation

To the west and south of the Cursed Lands lies the nation called the Seven Army Nation. A nation of hard and brutal men, the Seven Army Nation is a nation of city-states bound by a fragile and constantly tested alliance. It is a nation surrounded by wilderness and monsters. It is a nation hardened by war, where everybody looks out for themselves.

Right now, the power of the Seven Army Nation is more or less evenly distributed amongst the nine warlords that rule the nine biggest city-states. They each rule like kings and emperors from their fortified cities, each watching the others like a hawk, waiting for one of the others to show weakness. Meanwhile, they openly support the coalition to work together against outside threats, while trying to gain more territory to control.

While the nine warlords are very different from one another, make no mistake, they are warlords for a reason.

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